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How Is Your Confidence Growing?

Confidence helps us through life’s experiences.  When we feel confident, we are much more likely to deal with problems and much more likely to take opportunities; not moving away from them.

All of us are very good at creating Limiting Beliefs which can significantly affect our confidence levels.  Limiting beliefs can occur anywhere in life; it is essentially a belief that we have created.

A classic belief that we all can generate is limiting yourself in terms of what you believe you can achieve.  We create the limit, we set the rules, and we set the guidelines.  Using language such as “I can’t do…”, “I am not very good at…” or “I am terrible at…” is classic limiting belief thinking.

We then start to believe it is real; the key to remember here is that we have created the belief. In other words, it is ourselves that are holding us back.

By now, most of you would have downloaded for free our developing courage handy guide. The guide, for those of you who may not have taken the opportunity yet, explores confidence. We felt it would be good to reflect on where you are and what changes have taken place. Here are a few questions for you to explore when you have a few moments –

  • How has my confidence grown?
  • What has changed about my confidence?
  • Do I feel it start to slip at times, if so when?
  • What do I notice when the inner critic appears?

In answer to the questions above still, focus and look at how fantastic you have done already, reward yourself, you have our permission. Now you have started to think about yourself and how confident you are now is the time to go further.

How can you go further we hear you ask yourselves well ‘Stop’ for one moment and sit down? For further improvement seriously reflect on yourself. Some self-exploration needs to take place to move even more forward. This is required to grow, be honest with yourself, don’t ignore the areas you prefer to ignore. You have to move and touch those areas that you choose not to focus on, but when and if you do further small changes will continue, growing your confidence all the time.

Self-exploration is a beneficial exercise to notice ‘you’ when reflecting. Think about the following questions, and if you can daily for five minutes:

When did you feel your confidence lowering, what thoughts were in your mind at the time you noticed this? What was the trigger that occurred when this happened?

Then think about your feelings, how were you feeling at the moment, then afterwards? How soon did you feel your confidence start to move and climb back up? What were you feeling at the time and where/If did you feel sensations?

It is compelling to notice your feelings, where were you feeling this? Did the inner critic appear, the negative voice that sits in your head? What was it saying to you? Did the voice stay with you for a while, and did you try to manage the voice? Who did the voice remind you of? When you reflect on this well, you soon learn this is a very powerful technique to think about what or who may be controlling you? Continue to think if there were any pictures, memories, and words going through your mind? Did you notice any anxiety? Then how quickly did you manage to control this?


The above questions are brilliant to think a little deeper about your confidence, really look at who you are. Being honest with yourself is vital to change.  If you reflect very powerfully, your confidence will continue to grow. You are developing even more courage to deal with the adversity that comes into your life.

We believe you can do anything if you put your mind to it.  You can be, do and have anything if you put your mind to it.  This isn’t delusional behaviour, and we are not talking about things that are outside your control, e.g. not meeting the law of physics!  As long as you practise, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, you can do more than your belief systems believes.

Continue to smash those limiting beliefs; you can do it; believe it. You will be quietly confident in time, stay with the process and smash them to pieces.

Claire & Ralph xxx