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Self Coaching For Personal Development

Self-coaching is critical for understanding oneself. This guidebook will assist you in many areas where coaching skills work best. This book provides greater knowledge of key coaching skills and encourages opportunities for personal reflection on personal development which will enable a growth mindset. Application of the fundamentals will improve your knowledge and understanding of coaching and facilitate an improved awareness of self within relationships.

Coaching is often misunderstood; individuals will regularly mix up training, coaching and mentoring without realising it. This book will help you understand yourself from a coaching perspective. Furthermore, it provides you with coaching skills and techniques that will enhance your awareness and can be applied to your personal growth.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • Coaching – Why it continues to grow
  • Greater awareness on reflection
  • Personal development books for men
  • Personal development books for women
  • Opportunities to understand others
  • Awareness of the coaching relationship 
  • Understanding data in the room

The book is written by Claire Moody MSc. She is an extremely motivated relational coach and focuses on unlocking life-changing insights with each coachee. Claire encourages the development of deeper self-awareness and personal insight and believes a person’s past is no indication of their future; everyone can achieve change in whatever direction they choose.

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