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Rainbow Diet Journal

Fruits and vegetables are full of fibre and all sorts of essential vitamins and minerals. But the chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colours (called phytochemicals) have some pretty unique qualities, too.   Each colour has its exclusive health benefits.   This is known as the rainbow diet. So ‘eating a rainbow’ each day means more than just getting enough fruit and veg – it’s about eating a wide variety of foods, so your body gets all the essential nutrients it needs.

Many people struggle with diets, particularly with the recording of what they have eaten and their thoughts on the process.   Individuals can become frustrated and often give up before the change takes place.   This is where a journal based on your relationship with food from a health perspective is different.

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In this book, you will discover:

  • Recording of significant health progress
  • 14 weeks of personal reflection
  • weekly  reviews
  • Rainbow health tips
  • Action planning for the future
  • Opportunities to increase health benefits further
  • Awareness of your relationship with rainbow food

Even if you have struggled with diets during your life, you can address it and change if you choose to.   Writing a journal requires minimal effort and works for everyone.

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Available at:
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